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A small company with big capabilities. Not only are the prices one of the most affordable in the country, there is quick support available to attend to your concerns and requests, to deliver excellent work. Event planning is not always easy. Let me take one task off your plate! Place a request and have it delivered electronically. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

PS: For services not yet uploaded in the store, no worries! Get in touch with your requests.

Make it simple, but significant...

Don Draper
Creative Director - Sterling Cooper

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Gloria Thompson

store owner

When it comes to special events, every little detail counts. From the cards, to locations, to program coordination. Your vision for your event is important and you need people who can help you bring that to life. Invitation cards build an anticipation to creating good memories. I am not an event planner, but designing cards for your events/marketing materials is one thing I can take off your plate AND at a very affordable price. Let my support team and I help you. I look forward to working with you!


All designs are delivered electronically. 



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